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The White Sheep Syndrome | Family Therapy Sherman Oaks & San Fernando Valley

Sue comes from a frightening background. One which involves every sort of abuse imaginable. Surrounded by poverty, drugs and chaos, she was determined to make her life better and to escape her environment as soon as she possibly could. Her saving grace was her unusual and profound intelligence. She was always recognized by teachers and […]

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Am I Blue? | Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome | PTSD Therapy in Sherman Oaks, Encino, Studio City

Brian says: “I don’t understand it, I have a good marriage, a good job, good health, a stable support system, good friends and family and I don’t feel like anything is fun anymore. I don’t feel suicidal or in any great pain. The point is, I just don’t feel much of anything these days” Anhedonia- […]

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